Welcome to the Xiao Jin!

Ni Hao.

The story goes like this. The time came when Earth-That-Was got used up and humanity took to the stars. The core worlds, with the best resources, thrived and over time, banded together to form the Alliance. Not sure when but somewhere along the line, they got the notion that every world spinning needed to be part of their Alliance.

See, they were taking everything and got angry when we said we'd had enough. We called ourselves Independents because that's how we wanted to live. Independent of the Alliance who were stripping the system of resources and technology. Them against us. That's the way of it, isn't it? Greed and might are a powerful motivating factor when it comes to politics.

And so we fought. Hard. Tens of thousands died but in the end, the Alliance won. And even that wasn't enough. After the surrender came the mercenaries. And that's the way of things when the winners write the history books. I say patriot and the Alliance says 'war criminals,' hunt 'em down.

Six years have passed since the official surrender and we're all one big happy family, the Union of Allied Planets. Unless of course you were a Browncoat like me. For us, things have only gotten worse. We live on the rim, the border of the system, and struggle to survive with the barest minimum of technology and, of course, the Alliance's boot on our necks.

Life ain't easy on the rim. Every day is a struggle to survive. My answer was the Xiao Jin, a Firefly Class mid-bulk transport, and I'm her owner and Captain. My mantra is simple. Find a job and keep flyin'. Because as long as we do, I'm thinking I can stay one step ahead of the Alliance.

At least that's the plan.

The Xiao Jin is collaborative writing sim set in the universe developed for the Firefly TV series, the movie, Serenity, and the series of comics that came after. We tell the tales of what its like to be on the losing side of the war and how one small group makes their way out in the black.