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Name William Kane

Position Passenger-That-Was

Character Information

Gender Male
Place of Birth Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 200 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Kane has a slight slouch which he blames on the six years on his prison cot. He has perfect posture when no one is present. He has a scarred upper left arm covered by the sleeve of his shirt usually that once was of a haunting memory of his difficult past.


Spouse Single; unattached
Father Yeah… I had a Dad he was a sonofa
Mother I only knew her by Ma, she did right by me.
Brother(s) Five brothers? Or was it four?
Sister(s) I swear I had three sisters...

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kane obviously has a troubled and checkered past and run-in the law. He is reserved about his true identity among those and doesn’t let people get close. He wallows in his self-misery and preserves but also tries to seek out connections with others even if he doesn’t feel a connection due to his sense of wanting to belong, and are usually misplaced.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Self-Preserving: Will will do anything in his ability to survive. Even if that means he has a finger on his firearm and will not hesitate to pull the hair-trigger if he feels like his life is threatened in any way.
+ Hand-to-hand combat: he knows how to throw and block a punch to defeat his opponent if necessary
- Gunslinger: He carries a firearm that he calls Betty, he calls all his weapons Betty, kinda sad that fella ain’t it.
- Quick to anger: Kane has some real anger issues
- Alcoholism: He’s an alcoholic and when he hits the bottle, he hits it hard. Its the only way he can fall asleep to keep the nightmares away, and even then, they still haunt him.
+ Firearms: trained from pistols to surface-to-air launchers and everything in between… during his time with the… Browncoats… yeah… them… heard of them, right?
+ Fluent in English and Chinese
- Compulsive liar: there’s not one ounce of truth that this man says, some people believe him, some people choose to but in the end, it bites him in the ass.
Favorite Quotes Survive the ‘Verse one day at a time, bottle-by-bottle.
Hobbies & Interests Gamblin’ & Survivin’ and not much in between

Personal History There’s the much-spoken word on Mr. Will Kane… only that he served as a Browncoat and ended up in a prison camp… recently broke out and trying to get off-world to go any damn place but Persephone...