Li Huan

Name Huan Li

Position Business Owner

Character Information

Gender Female
Place of Birth Born on Persephone
Age 68

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2"
Hair Color Black/Gray
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Older, though no one knows exactly how old. Dresses for comfort with no sense of style or color sense.


Children Nine sons and numerous grandchildren, all working in the family businesses. Her youngest son, Feng, joined a triad when he was a teenage. There's a standing reward for information about him.

Personality & Traits

General Overview She can be easily overlooked and that’s how she likes it best. In reality, she’s a smart businesswoman who runs a network of pickpockets and informers. It's said that there is very little happening on the docks that she doesn’t know about. She is welcoming to anyone with the credits to pay but reserves actual friendship for a very select few.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
- Shrewd business woman
- Network of contacts

- Her son, Feng. Worries for him.
Favorite Quotes Run her business, keep her family safe, and bring Feng home.
Hobbies & Interests * Tea connoisseur. Rumored that she once paid a companion to teach her a tea ceremony.

Personal History Owner of Pearl LI’s, a bathhouse and barber shop, located on a side street near the Eavesdown Docks. There is also a small tea room at the front where guests can spend some credits while they’re waiting their turn in the baths.