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Shepherd Harley

Name Sula Fawn Harley

Position Medic/Deckhand

Character Information

Gender Female
Place of Birth Ithendra
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 125 lbs
Hair Color Dirty blonde
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Sula is of a slightly taller than average height. Her long, tired, dirty blonde hair that tends to become wavy of its own accord at its ends can make her look taller than she actually is. Her physique shows a body that is well exercised but not so great that she is muscular.
Identifying Marks The outside of her right thigh down to just below her knee has numerous scars from the shrapnel that shredded her leg during her last action.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Wyatt Ames Harley, deceased
Mother Cora Pearl Harley, deceased
Brother(s) Wayland Ashland Harley, deceased
Sister(s) none
Other Family none

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sula is a woman that is haunted by her past. She personally feels responsible for all of the ills that have come her way, whether or not she was actually at fault. However, her suffering has made her more empathetic to others and she is almost always willing to help someone in need. While she is a shepherd, she is better about assisting her flock than she is about learning the lessons of her faith. She often uses scripture cynically when it comes to her personal circumstances. While she is friendly with others and often inquires deeply of others history to try and assist, she will deflect questions about herself and tries to keep people from getting to know her too well, because if they do and she becomes attached, she fears that she might cause something horrible to happen to that person.
Strengths & Weaknesses +kind
+fluent in English and Mandarin
-overly accepts responsibility for events, especially when something goes wrong - feels personally responsible
-puts others needs above her own
Favorite Quotes To find out the truth about her deceased love interest
Hobbies & Interests gardening, reading, horseback riding

Personal History Sula was born to a family on Ithendra that was extremely poor. Were it much poorer, indentured servitude might be seen as desirable. However, on Ithendra there was some room for upward mobility. Her parents worked hard and made certain that Sula had basic necessities and lots of love.

Three years after Sula was born, her younger brother, Wayland was brought into the world. However, Wayland was not a strong child. There was something about him that caused his health to be weak. His poor constitution took a greater toll on the Harley finances. Her parents worked harder and later, just trying to afford medicine to keep Wayland's health tolerable.

Sula wanted to start a medical career, however she needed money to afford the tuition for the medical education. There was only one solution and that was to go to work. At night, Sula would digest every medical book that she could get her hands on, which was not many. All of the Harley's efforts were for naught, as Wayland's condition continued to degenerate, eventually resulting in his death. Sula blamed herself for not knowing enough and not working hard enough to generate the income to get a proper medical education or attention for her brother.

With no brother that needed care, Sula, against her parents' wishes, enrolled as a medic in the Independent Army. There, she hoped that she could redeem herself for her failure with her brother by assisting others who needed medical attention. Anyone with any skill, board certified as a doctor or not, was needed on the front. Sula increased her skills on the battlefields, learning how to perform basic surgery, learning who could be assisted, and the proper treatment of wounds. She also learned some basic military skills with a gun, knife, and self-defense, though her abilities in the fighting departments were barely adequate.

While in Du-Khang, she met a man named Donovan Atkins. The two developed a close friendship that started to become more flirtatious as time went on. Daring to move their friendship to something more, Donovan had asked her to dinner with the connotation that their dinner would be a date. Sula accepted. However, the date that had begun was soon ended by the war cries of an upcoming battle. Donovan gave Sula a unicorn charm and told her that it would protect her and keep her safe. Sula accepted the gift. No sooner that she had accepted the gift did the airstrikes begin. Donovan saw the bomb that had been dropped. Knowing that time was short, he dove on top of Sula, protecting her from much of the bomb's explosion. Sula's right leg was ripped open from shrapnel. However, Donovan was not as fortunate. He died nearly immediately, having only had the strength to make sure that Sula was alive, smile and whisper something that Sula cannot recall hearing. However, her wounds were great and she remembered little more from the battle, fainting from her own blood loss.

When she came to, she found herself on Shepherd's Moon. There, her physical wounds were tended to. The shepherds watched her and prayed for her. While her physical wounds were healed, the mental ones, took much longer, if ever they were cured. She blamed herself for Donovan's death. She claimed they should have been on duty. She claimed that she had been careless by not looking to the skies. She blamed herself for Donovan covering her, as she should have done the same for him. She also mourned the potential love that she lost by her carelessness.

Wanting to repay her debt both to the shepherds and wanting to try and help the world rather than taking more from it, she enlisted in the abbey to become a shepherd herself. She was an adept student and as time went on, she became invaluable for her charitable actions, assisting in the orphanage and for the medical talents that she had acquired. However, fate again would deal Sula a blow. Her parents died under mysterious circumstances on Ithendra. Sula was not there when it happened and again, she blamed herself, figuring had she been there, she could have prevented it.

Now an orphan herself, Sula began to fixate more and more on the unicorn charm that remained in her possession. She became more despondent over the love that she felt that she lost and questioned God more regarding his magnanimity.

Hoping to assist Sula and for reasons only they knew, the abbey sent Sula from Shepherd's Moon to Persephone. Her mission was to return personal effects to families that lost family members during the war. While Sula silently questioned why this was so important to be done so long after the war, she nonetheless obeyed.

In returning personal effects, she came to the Atkins household. Once invited in, she introduced herself to the gentleman and lady of the house and told them that she had some of Donovan’s personal effects. She explained to the Atkins’ that she had been close to Donovan before her service in the Abbey, not knowing how they would feel about her or their son being a Browncoat. However, she asked whether she might be permitted to see some family pictures, as she hoped to know more about him. To her shock, the pictures of Donovan Atkins looked nothing like the person who she met during the war. Sula questioned the Atkins, asking if this was really him. She was assured that he was. This only left her confused.

Sula asked the Atkins if Donovan had a brother. They assured her that she did not. Leaving, more confused than settled, Sula knew she had a mystery on her hands. Who was Donovan and what was the truth about him and his name? What was his real story? Until she knew, going back to the Abbey was not an option. Having few funds, but skills both in medicine and as a shepherd, she knew the answers were somewhere between here and Du-Khang. She would find them, but she would need coin and that meant work. Therefore, she set off to find a ship that might have need of her skills.
Service Record 2509-2511 enrolled as a medic until injured in the battle of Du-Khang