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Morgan Martin

Name Morgan Paul Martin

Position Pilot-That-Was

Character Information

Gender Male
Place of Birth Ariel
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight A bit heavy for his size
Hair Color Blonde - although it is up to debate whether or not that hair is bleached. While it looks natural, his eyebrows are brown.
Eye Color Dark brown
Physical Description Morgan is a bit on the heavier side; although he is not particularly fat nor is he particularly weak he does not have the well-toned body that some others might have. Although Morgan is relatively short, his body is more legs than torso, making him look taller than he is. He is rather racially ambiguous; he has a medium skin tone and a fairly flat nose. He usually wears a V-neck shirt and khaki pants of various lengths. He almost always wears hippie sandals.

Identifying Marks Morgan has three quarters of the outline of a flower on his right bicep, about an inch in diameter. He was going to get a full sleeve of flowers but quickly realized that tattoos were painful.
Weapons Morgan is a pacifist. He would rather die than hold a gun. That being said, he does carry a pocket tool that contains a knife, but he has such as a tool, not a weapon. He does know how to fence, as does any young man who grew up in the core. He is not bad at it, certainly better than most people from outer planets, but he isn’t particularly good, either, and he definitely does not carry any fencing equipment with him.


Father Ian Martin (Psychologist)
Mother Ruby Martin (Accountant)
Sister(s) Alex Martin (Veterinarian)
Other Family Sister-in-law Sam Freeman (Detective)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Morgan is a relatively cheerful man with very strong ideals about the world. He believes in free speech and the free sharing of knowledge. His passion as a teenager and young man was in open sourced software. He hates the idea of the government or anybody else trying to stop people from learning or reaching their full potential; this is what made him lean towards helping the independents, despite the fact that he grew up in a comfortable home on a core world planet. Aside from his passion for free speech, Morgan is very relaxed. He doesn’t care much what others think about him and he is down to do pretty much anything unless he can think of a specific reason for why he shouldn’t. Morgan is optimistic at heart - he believes that everybody has good in them, and he would rather be scorned for trusting too readily than for the opposite. That being said, he is not stupid. He has just decided that this is a risk he is willing to take with his life.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Good with technology. While Morgan is not comfortable with mechanics or hardware, if you need some information pulled from the cortex or a quick little software program, he’s your guy.
+Intelligent. Not only is Morgan relatively intelligent, he had a very good education in Londinium and still retains some of his friendships and family ties there. That doesn’t stop him from making stupid decisions, but at least he is away that his decisions are stupid.
+Social. Morgan is generally a fairly sociable person who is good at making new friends.
+At peace. Morgan is happy with where he is in life.

-Trusting. Although he might have reservations about people, he always believes that they deserve a second… or third, or fourth… chance, which can sometimes hurt him in this profession.
-Pushover. Unless you are talking about one of the very few things that Morgan cares about (free speech or pacifism), he won’t resist very much.
-Can’t fight/cowardly. The closest thing Morgan has to fighting skills is fencing skills and like, sure, if you put him in a fencing contest with rules and regulations and waiting for your opponent to start he MIGHT have a chance, but that’s not how real combat works. Not that he would do anything except run away if he got into combat anyway

Favorite Quotes Morgan wants to spread free speech. He wants to help people on the outer rims be able to access all the knowledge of the cortex, and he wants schooling to be available for everybody, not just for rich kids like he was. Morgan also loves teaching people, whether it be about piloting or software or just life.

Hobbies & Interests Morgan likes to read very boring technical books about computers and terminals and networks and the cortex, because he finds that sort of thing interesting.

Personal History Morgan grew up in a pretty average childhood on Ariel, with fairly wealthy parents and a younger sister. His parents were always extremely supportive of him and he and his sister always got along well. Truly, if one had the picture of a perfect childhood it was him; and there’s no dark edges to that. He legitimately did have a good, stable childhood. As a youth, he was into computers. He liked figuring out problems. He also liked that working with computers was peaceful. A lot of other professions, even white collar professions, had a level of danger to them. Bankers made enemies. Lawyers had too much responsibility on their shoulders. But the folk who coded on the cortex? Nobody really minded them. He didn’t care so much about the money - growing up rich, he had never learned to really respect money. He wasn’t super spendy like other kids his age, but had (and still, has not) even been in a position in his life where he had little enough money to make him sacrifice his morals.

Much to nobody’s surprise, Morgan started college for programming. He made new friends, mostly among the free speech and open source software crowd. They all had their little, cordial arguments, but the one that Morgan would always defend is that they needed to get more people in the outer planets onto the cortex. Who knows - how many young geniuses out there might have something to contribute to the pool of technological knowledge? Why was the Alliance not doing everything in its power to try and let those kids reach their full potential. They should only be working farms and living in cabins if that’s what they really want to do. A few of Morgan’s friends would jokingly mock him for bringing it up (not so much that they disagreed with the concept, but rather with how often he mentioned it… and also, Morgan was a fun guy to tease. He played along well). One of his friends asked him “If you love the rim so much, why don’t you go live there?” Morgan thought about it, and couldn’t come up with a good answer. What could he do to help spread information and tech to the rim? Well, cargo ships took tech to the rim, if you looked at the question in its most physical, base interpretation. So the man packed his bags, dropped out of college, and got the next apprenticeship he could find as a pilot heading out of the core.

Morgan was a friendly guy and a quick learner. He spent a year with that ship, and a year with another one, trying to broaden his experience. But they were more interested in transporting cargo that paid well, or necessities like food and medicine. Not that Morgan didn’t care about those, but that was a niche that was already being filled. So the man went back to Ariel, asked his parents for a loan of some money, and bought a tiny, pretty cheap, used two seater ship. Circuit boards and cortex terminals weren’t particularly large. Morgan didn’t need much more, nor could he really afford much more. He started his own shipping and distribution company, and while his company had decent potential it only ran for about a year before the war started. Suddenly, the rim worlds weren’t getting circuit boards from the core any longer. Imagine that?

But Morgan had a ship, a growing dislike of the Alliance, and nothing better to do than run small deliveries for the Independents. He wasn’t about to enlist in their army, nor was he going to run things to the front line or (god forbid) put guns on his little ship, but he could carry medicine and other things that could fit on his little ship. He was still a civilian; this whole time he was a citizen of the Alliance, and the few times people questioned where he was or why he was out there, his family had enough influence to make them shrug it off. During the war, he ended up hiring a mechanic. Surprise, surprise, it was hard to find a mechanic out in the rim that was both familiar with modern ships and not already repairing stuff on the front lines. His mechanic was a fiery woman named Greta. They were friends, and they stuck together through the war, but it did not take Morgan long to decide, oh god, he never wanted to be in charge of a ship or of somebody else instead. There goes his plans for a business; what is a business without employees? He was too nice to criticize people, even when he disagreed with their work. As soon as the war ended he sold his ship at a discount to said mechanic, paid back his parents, and took up a piloting job for one of the browncoat Captains he had met during the war. He’s been flying random pilot jobs ever since.

Service Record 23 years 2506-2511: flew supplies as a civilian ally of the Independents.