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Caelin Stewart

Name Caelin Maire Stewart

Position Deckhand-That-Was

Character Information

Gender Female
Place of Birth Glasgow, New Scotland, Aberdeen
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 5 foot 5 inches
Weight 93 lbs
Hair Color Red and Blue
Eye Color Ice Blue
Physical Description A young woman ,who looks in appearance to be no older than her mid-twenties, stands before you. Blue and red hair in full voluminous and healthy form, fall just beyond her breasts and around her shoulders. Exquisite bone structure makes a need for make up unnecessary, although a glossy, soft pink cosmetic has been applied to her lips. Her body is thin and underweight, commanded with a graceful force, exhibiting a confident personality. The complexion of her skin is without blemish and lightly tanned.

Upon her body she wears a simple dress, vibrant red in color with black interlace. At the base of the dress are a few worn stains of black that make up the outer edge of the dress which appears to be intentional. The dress is sleek in style with straps over the shoulders that hold it all together.

Here is the dress: Dress
The hair: Hair
Her eyes: Eye color and shape
Boots: Kick ass boots
Print on dress: Celtic print
Identifying Marks Birthmark on her inner thigh in the shape of a rubber duck almost.
Weapons Impax Industries 'Talon' with Rubber 9mm bullets
Languages Gaelic (Most Proficient), English (Somewhat proficient), Chineese(Subtle words here and there)


Father Cael Michael Stewart (Deceased)
Mother Teressa Jane Stewart (Deceased)
Other Family Michelle Kuna (God parent)
Christopher Kuna (God parent)

Personality & Traits

General Overview A bit of an eccentric person by all appearances but that is when she wants to go all out on the town. When she is working she can be found with her hands on something always. Be it an engine or food, she is always keeping herself busy. Having helped work on the Eos station, she knows her way around patching things together. She is approachable and kind so long as you are on her good side.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Kindness is natural to her. She would rather go without than see someone suffer.
+ Very quick hands when it comes to mechanics and thus alike.
+ Quite handy with a Talon, something her godparents made sure of.
- Quickly triggered when it comes to talking about her parents and the war. It sends her through a mental cycle and her work suffers from it until she can get her mind off the issue.
- Super judgemental about anything Alliance and very opinionated about it. Even though she helped build Eos, an Alliance and Browncoat joint station of sorts, she holds a grudge for the Alliance robbing her of everything she had.

Depending on how you perceive it, she prefers nonlethal ammunition over live ammunition any day.

Favorite Quotes Hers is simple, regain the profits that she was robbed of, purchase her own ship, gather her own crew, and someday stick it to the people that took her money and shuttle. And if along the way, she falls in love, well here's the bottom line, she might just be in heaven as a result.
Hobbies & Interests She likes to attempt to cook, though her skills say otherwise. She is not fond of any seafood or anything containing mayonnaise. Some might say she is a picky eater, and they would be right. Other than the food, she likes to tinker with little metal shop artwork. She can be a gear head enough to make working musical boxs if given the right tools.

Personal History She was born on Aberdeen in 2495 to her mother Teressa Jane Stewart and her father Cael Michael Stewart. Her father was a trade pilot while her mother was the Captain. She grew up on the ship until the war broke out into full force in 2507. Her parents were both killed in action during the major battle on Serenity Valley. She took losing her parents very hard but continued to carry on. What choice did she have? She was sent to her godparents who ended up assisting in the development of the Eos station. As she worked tightly with them, she grew to love it. With the skills she learned from her godmother and her godfather, she worked toward helping former Alliance and Browncoat members assemble what is now Eos Station. She often would sign up with multiple crews over the course of her life to help support the station and build a good amount of money so she could get a ship, a crew, and continue to help those that have chosen to come to life on Eos. Now she helped but was in no way a majority position holder. She did not want that even if it had ever been offered to her. She just wanted to do her part and help build something worth fighting for. But after being robbed of all her earnings and a shuttle gifted to her by her godparents by the Alliance, at tale she will be more than happy to tell if she is pissed off enough, she was back to square one and now with a distaste for the Alliance. Now she searches to work toward making it work for not just her but for her own revenge plans that is slowly burning.
Service Record Eos Station stands as a testament to the multitude of skills she has learned over the course of her life time.
Several ships in where she served as mainly an engineer keeping the 'birds' flying.

Classes of vessels she has worked in or on as part of the Eos Station project:
- Dragonfly Class
- Hornet Class
- Short Range Shuttles
- Alliance Short Range Enforcement Vessel