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Quinlan Barrett Poe

Name Quinlan Barrett Poe

Position First Mate

Character Information

Gender Male
Place of Birth Deadwood
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1-1/.4"
Weight 170 pounds
Hair Color Dark Brown with Wine-Red Highlights
Eye Color Changeable
Physical Description Lean and well-muscled. Not one to smile much. Always armed, his clothes are a bit worn and his hair is always on the longer side. He has expressive eyes though the eye color changes. Typically either blue or gray but occasionally green. Very seldom entirely clean shaven. He's got a deep husky voice. He's the kind of guy that goes unnoticed, at least at first, and never seems to be the biggest threat in the room and that's the way he likes it.
He has scars and a couple of tattoos - the most notable is a gunshot would slightly above his heart, from a near miss on Sweethome.
Identifying Marks * Bullet wound about an inch and a half above the heart
* Tattoo of a wheel, done in fine line work, with letters worked in that are hard to see unless close up. The wheel has red hair wrapped around it and delicate flames are depicted along the outer edge. The scar from the bullet wound is at the center of the wheel.
* Tattoo of a Phoenix on his right thigh about where his holster would be.
* Latticework of old scars on his back
* Scar from a knife wound on his left forearm
Weapons * Colt Python - 357 Magnum, Wood Grip, 6-inch Barrel (worn in a tied down holster)
* Desert Eagle Mark VII -- 44 Magnum
* L85A2 with SUSAT Scope
* Blaser R93 LRS2 Sniper Rifle
* Heckler and Koch HK770 (customized) with 20-Round G3 Style Magazine, fitted with a telescopic sight on an HK05 claw mount and bipod


Spouse None
Children None
Father Josiah Poe (Whereabouts Unknown/Presumed Deceased)
Mother Meredith Poe (Died in Childbirth)
Brother(s) Winston Hughes Poe (Fraternal Twin - Died at Serenity Valley)
Sister(s) None
Other Family Jedidiah Poe (Paternal Grandfather - Died in the attack on Deadwood)
Catherine Poe (Paternal Grandmother - Died in the attack on Deadwood)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Quinn's never been an easy guy to know though those that have dealt with him will tell you that at one time he had a ready laugh and an honest heart. The son of an alcoholic and abusive father, he grew up fast, learned to be self-reliant and independent. With a strongly protective streak and more than a little stubborn, he became the focus of his father's anger, acting as a shield for his twin, which toughened him, built him into the kind of man that could survive no matter what.

Then came the war. He went into it, eyes open but convinced of the rightness of their cause. Course, being right and losing anyway has a way of changing a man and Quinlan Poe, former scout and sniper for the Independent Army, is definitely a changed man. He's quieter now and though he's never been the type to show anyone his hand straight away, he doesn't have a lot of dreams left. He's smart, patient, and relentless. Those he calls friends know that he'll have their back no matter what and those that wrong him know he'll come to collect, if not today, then one day soon.

He has a conscience and he struggles sometimes with what he knows needs to happen. Still, he's never going to be the kind that can settle down on some Alliance world or eek a meager living out of the dirt on a border world. The Xiao Jin gives him what he craves most -- a quiet place free from the Alliance. These days, he's most at peace out in the black.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
+ Extremely good with weapons. Acted as a sniper during the war.
+ Tactically aware, good at out of the box thinking, perceptive and more than a little intuitive.
+ Fluent in English and in Mandarin Chinese. Knows some Korean and a bit of Japanese.
+ Can read some of the language from Earth-That-Was. Not fluent by any means.
+ Good at reading people/understanding their motivations

- Doesn't forget. Wrong him and there will be a reckoning -- maybe not right away but it will happen.
- Stubborn and persistent. Doesn't like to let a thing go. He's the type that has to figure it out.
- Terrible at relationships. His guard has been up for too long, makes it really hard to relax, to let folk in.
Favorite Quotes "I was born in a bucket of rain
The choice was
Learn to swim or drown."
~ Unknown

Hobbies & Interests Isn't much time for leisurely pursuits but he reads when can and trades books with others who share the same interest.

Personal History 2483: Born on Deadwood

Josiah Poe, his father, was a hard man, quick to anger and often abusive in his dealings with his sons. His mother, Meredith Poe, died in childbirth, and it fell to Josiah to raise the twins himself. The boys didn't celebrate their birthday; instead, they were made to remember the anniversary of their mother's death.

A poor farmer at best, Josiah made a decent home brew and could have been a successful micro-brewer but, truth be told, he sampled more than a little of what he made. Quinn, who was protective by nature, became his father's favorite target and as the older of the two, would take a beating to spare his weaker brother. Things changed when his paternal grandparents came to visit. It didn't take Jed and Catherine long to figure out what their son was doing; after a bitter argument, witnessed by Quinn, the twins were removed from their father's custody. Left on his own, Josiah continued to sell his home brew. Josiah vanished on the night his still caught fire and exploded and is presumed dead though some say that he 'died' conveniently ahead of the debt collectors.

For the twins, life changed dramatically. On their grandfather's ranch, the boys learned what every child on Deadwood learned -- how to hunt, track, fish, recognize plants (edible, medicinal, poisonous, etc.) and of course, how to help on the ranch. Quin, who liked working with the horses, began to see a future for himself as a horse trainer.

Catherine, a school teacher, oversaw their education and through her, Quinn developed a lifelong passion for reading. While he never loved school work, he did enjoy talks at dinner or at night beside the fire and grew to love the wide-ranging discussions that, as time passed, often turned to politics. His grandparents wanted Deadwood to remain independent of Alliance control and later, became involved in the resistance movement.

2506: Enlisted in the Independents' Army as a Scout and Sniper with the 75th Regiment.

With his grandparents already in the resistance, when the war started, both Quinn and Win joined the army. Win became part of the 57th and died at Serenity Valley while Quinn, led a team tasked with scouting behind enemy lines to identify and map installations in preparation for military actions. He and his team were close-knit and developed a reputation for getting the job done. As the war progressed and resources became scarce, his mission changed to destruction of military installations and taking out specifically assigned targets.

2511-2517: End of War - Hiring Out

At war's end, Poe sent a letter and what money he had to Adorabella Weysmith on Sweethome. In the letter he asked her to join him on Persephone, start a life together. It took most of a year before he stopped asking Li Huan whether or not she had showed up. On the year anniversary, got a tattoo.

Returned to Deadwood and walked his grandparents' land and found, with more than a little searching, his grandfather's rainy day fund. He spent the night in the ruins of his old bedroom, thinking, and when the ship came to pick him up the next day, he had the beginnings of a plan. For the next six years, he hired on however he could and set about learning how things worked here on the losing side of the war. When the time came, he bought the Xiao Jin and corralled a few of his friends to help him get her space-worthy. He picked the biggest cabin for himself and settled in. The ship was home now.


The Xiao Jin is nearly ready. All he needs now is a crew that won't stab him in the back and a job. Soon now, his dream will be a reality. Found a pilot, two deckhands, and wonder of wonders, Adorabella Weysmith herself who hired on as his mechanic.
Service Record 2506: Enlisted in the In the Independent Army
2506: After a bit of training, assigned to the 75th Ranger Regiment as a sniper and scout

During the first year of the war, his unit was betrayed by turncoat leading to a serious gunshot wound sustained during an action on Sweethome. He spent two weeks recovering on the Weysmith farm on Sweethome where he met Adorabella Weysmith. He continued to send her letters whenever he could.

During the war, the scope of his team's duties expanded. They functioned as a guerilla unit who worked to undermine the Alliance war effort by disrupting supply lines, destroying armories, taking down artillery batteries, eliminating specific targets, etc. While they would be sent to certain locations to scout out a situation and act as needed, Poe developed a talent for sniffing things out. By that point, he had the authority to act on his own as needed.

2511: War ends with the call to surrender at Serenity Valley.