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Teague Harrington

Name Teague Harrington

Position Friends From the Past

Character Information

Gender Male
Place of Birth Bainbridge, Dyton
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4"
Weight 190 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Gray
Physical Description Teague is lean and well-muscled; there is nothing soft about his physique. He has guarded gray eyes that reflect an insatiable curiosity. He is very centered, radiates calm, the kind of guy that you can’t force to react. Like most folk on the rim, his clothes are serviceable and patched when needed. He’s not into anything bulky or cumbersome and moves like a cat - soft-footed and quiet - habitually. Speaks with a British accent (originally, similar to Badger’s); he can speak in a more cultured (posh) way when needed but that's not typical.
Languages Fluent in Chinese, Modern English and English as spoken on Earth-That-Was


Spouse None
Children None
Father Who Knows?
Mother Never Met Her
Brother(s) Unknown
Sister(s) Unknown
Other Family Family and home are not concepts he understands.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Teague is a child of the streets. An autodidact, Teague has never had a formal education. He learns as he goes. He's been on his own, without supervision, since he was nine. He doesn't trust easily or often but that doesn't get in the way of doing business. He just expects double-dealing and plans accordingly. He thinks, he plans, and he's tactically aware. At the same time, he's not given to criminal enterprises. Jail doesn't suit his long-range plans and he always has plans. If he gives his word, he keeps it and expects the other party to do the same.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

- Intelligent/perceptive. More intelligent than most though he’s never been tested. And really, if you tried to test him, he’d fudge the answers. He’s an autodidact with a wide range of interests.
- Eidetic memory (and boy has that has come in handy over the years). What he sees or hears, he remembers. Trade work for a look at a book and he’ll retain the information (which is great when you don’t have a place to store books).
- Favors. He has a network of contacts and is willing to do things in return for a ‘favor owed’. He’ll do the job in return for a favor that the individual owes him and must do when asked. There are limits to the types of jobs he will do, however, so don’t even bother asking him to kill someone for you. It’s not written down anywhere, but he remembers it all. Refusing to do the favor is just asking for trouble.
- He's good in a fight but would prefer to handle things ... differently.
- Good at reading people/body language. Survival skill when you grow up on the streets and have had to rebuild your life more than once from a single coin.

- Doesn’t like waste. Especially not wasting money. Not cheap by any means but he does want value.
- A bit of an adrenaline junkie. Thrives on difficulty and challenge.
- Light sleeper.
- Material concerns will not stop him from walking away if he thinks there's need. He's started over from nothing several times; he knows that he'll get by. He always does.
- If he's addicted to anything, it's a good cup of tea and a book he hasn't read before.
Favorite Quotes I've seen flowers come in stony places and kind things done by men with ugly faces (author unknown)

In order to be irreplaceable, one must first be different (Coco Chanel)
Hobbies & Interests Reading: As an autodidact, reading is essential. He doesn’t need to own the book, he’ll retain what he reads, but he does place a great deal of value on reading.

Listening: He spends time in bars and other local hangouts as a way of gathering information. Every piece contributes to the whole/to his understanding.

Personal History Teague grew up on Dyton. He remembers nothing before the orphanage, nor is anything known about his parents, and while they were well meaning folk, there was little to spare. The orphanage was a place of bad food in small portions and a bullying culture that made it near impossible for him to sleep safely at night. It wasn’t for him. He learned how to go unnoticed, how to recognize the approachable ones from the ones that had all the caring burned out of them, and most importantly, how to improve his circumstances. He volunteered to help with chores and learned that hard work often came with a pay day.

If that time of his life could be said to have a bright spot, it was Juniper Farnsby. While he had a head for tactics and figuring out how to work the system, she seemed to prefer direct confrontation often with disastrous results. He helped where he could, took the punch to protect her, and gave a few of his own in return. He worked out ways to get even with the worst of them, redirect their attention. And for a while, that worked but there came a day when he knew that this wasn’t the life for him. Too dangerous for him if he stayed. He set his mind to escape, figured out the schedule and identified the weak points. He was patient and very observant. When the time was right, he slipped away into the streets and that’s where he remained.

Now, life on the street wasn’t any better in many respects but it had the virtue of being his. He lived by two basic rules – don’t make an enemy if you don’t have to do so and don’t let them know where you sleep. There were bad, scary nights in the beginning and through it all, he didn't forget her. If he found something that he thought Juniper might like, he left it as a gift for her in a secret hiding spot in the garden.

He did what he did best. He observed, he learned, and over time, he figured out the rules of street life. After a while, he had four different hiding spots each with a small cache of supplies and a place to sleep. They were small and out of the way, barely enough room to stretch out, and nothing anyone would want to steal – but it was his. The inability to sleep that had plagued him at the orphanage all but disappeared in his hideouts. He did odd jobs and began developing contacts. It wasn’t always for coins. Sometimes, he worked for food, for lessons in something he wanted to learn about, for the loan of a book or a tool, for a haircut or a place to get cleaned up, and occasionally, in return for used clothing or boots.

He added to his basic rules. Keep your word even if they don’t. If you’re cheated, learn the lesson so it doesn't happen again and figure out a way to make them pay. He stayed away from criminal enterprises, though that wasn’t always easy to do, and he grew. He was always on the lookout for new hide outs and he changed locations frequently. Home wasn’t a concept he understood. A safe place to sleep, food to eat. Those things he understood. Because he lived outside of systems, he learned early how to use an existing system to get something he needed without being seduced into joining the system. He was an outsider who lived on his own terms. Happy wasn’t something he understood.

He kept an eye on the orphanage and when the day came that she was adopted, he started asking around about her new family. Not a good situation but they weren't physically abusive and that wasn't nothing. He kept up his practice of leaving things for her to find, little packages tied with a bit of green ribbon, left in the window box of a room where he'd never seen the parents moving about. In turn, she used the same bit of ribbon to leave messages for him, to let him know when it was safe -- green ribbon on one side of the flower box meant she would be alone, on the other side meant stay away. He removed the ribbon, a signal that he'd received the message, and kept it for the next package. She, in turn, would bring him a bit of her cooking when she could and they would talk for a few minutes before one or other of them had to be going again.

He learned to be cautious around well-intentioned, well-meaning people who were smart enough to realize he was a street kid. Once that happened, they wanted to ‘save him’ which meant being put back into the system. Lesson upon lesson. But in the way of things, the young boy grew and as he gained in height, he realized that what he was doing wasn’t going to work forever. He was becoming too noticeable and there was also the fact that he wanted more.

But what more looked like required some thought. To this point, his world had been Bainbridge, a space port located on a main river in Northern Dyton. But now, he turned his attention to the space port. More research. More study. Running errands, taking odd jobs like dishwasher in the bars that the port workers and freighter crew frequented, so that he could listen to the stories. Educate himself.

“More” became clearer in his mind. There were entire worlds out there and a fight brewing between the Core and their need to possess everything and the outer rim who just wanted to be left alone. While he had no interest in stepping into someone else’s battles, he did want to figure out a better way to live. He did what he’d always done. Figured out the system, learned the rules, and found a way to work that system to his advantage. People needed someone who was willing to do the work and that, Teague could do. Always had done. It wasn’t hard. What was hard was saying good-bye. There were very few people in this world who knew him, could even recognize him on sight, and she was one.

Cabin Boy. Deck Hand. He learned, he adapted, and saved his coins. If there were other tasks that needed doing, he did them. Always willing to learn, even the most menial parts of shipboard life. Every piece went into building a whole. He lied about his age of course. Had to. But he was learning. The only question was – did he want to take on the responsibility of owning his own ship? Took four days camping in the woods to figure out the answer to that one.

Yes. After all the years of always moving, never having any one place that was his, the notion sounded really good to him; however, it would have to be a ship. One that moved so that where he slept could be different, day to day, because really, some things never changed.

Teague's Rules
1. Don't make an enemy if you don't have to
2. Never let them know where you sleep
3. Keep your word even if they don't
4. If you're cheated, learn the lesson and make them pay
5. Figure out the system, learn the rules, and make it work to your advantage
6. Stay away from activities that could land you in jail.
Service Record Blockade Runner during the war -- civilian helping the Browncoats and worlds threatened/decimated by the Alliance.