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Juniper Farnsby

Name Juniper Frances Farnsby

Position Deck Hand

Character Information

Gender Female
Place of Birth Bainbridge, Dyton
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5’ 4’’
Weight 130 lbs
Hair Color Wavy/curly red
Eye Color Sky Blue
Physical Description Juniper is petite in every sense of the word. Her features are small and feminine bordering on pixie-like. She is slim, but curvy enough that her figure sometimes draws unwanted attention. Her mass of red curly hair is hard to tame and it’s common to find it up in a messy bun or tied into any combination of pigtails and ponytails to help keep it off of her face. Her hair, though, is one of her favorite features and when she can leave it down she does.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Brother(s) Unknown
Sister(s) Unknown
Other Family No biological family that she is aware of.

Adoptive Parents:
James Pearson
Etta Pearson

Adopted Siblings:
Henry - 18
Betsy - 17
Penelope - 15
Gregory - 14
Michael - 9
Walt - 7

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses Fast learner.
Observant and good listener
Solidly good cook. Food tastes good. Used to figuring out how to make something nice with less than ideal ingredients.
Doesn’t put up with anyone’s shit and is not afraid to put a body in their place.
Has an innate gentleness with hurting things or those who are scared.

Small - this could be a strength in some instances, but it often means she’s not the strongest in a group and may get singled out by those who think they can take her.
Cynical. Has seen some things. Doesn’t think highly of most men, though she’s learned to tell the difference between those who would hurt her and those who will treat her well enough.
Not particularly mechanically inclined. She’s not helpless around most systems, but don’t ask her to take the lead on tech or mechanical issues.
Opinionated and loud about it. Has a fiery temper and lives by hit first, ask questions later.
Hobbies & Interests Juniper has a predilection for feminine things since she’s never really had much of that growing up. She chooses her clothing to accentuate her looks and although she doesn’t wear makeup regularly, she does enjoy the opportunity to do so when she has time.

Food and mixology fascinate her. The idea that you can take something and turn it into something else and then people would actually ask to have it is fascinating to her.

Self-defense. This isn’t an interest as much of a necessity, but in some ways it’s become a lifelong obsession for her. She doesn’t like to be vulnerable and so she’s always interested in new ways to defend herself, be that with weapons or through tricks for hand to hand fighting.

Storytelling. As a bartender she is a good listener, but she is also a good entertainer. She enjoys spinning tales or passing on stories about “this one time…”. She also has a high clear singing voice that she’s put to use to entertain others around her and she’s known to be humming a tune as she works.

Personal History According to Juniper she was birthed into this world and not a second slower than possible left on the doorstep of the orphanage where she spent the majority of her formative years. She was always small, a slip of a girl who looked like easy pickings to the uninitiated. She used her diminutive size in her favor though, often able to draw on the sympathies of adults or even some of the older children. She learned how to disarm people with a turn of phrase and a look before they ever set hands on her, but if they got so far as that, she’d learned enough tricks to keep herself alive. As she got older those tricks became more necessary to protect not only from bullies, but from the wandering eyes and hands of teenage boys who’d never known a whit of decency in their lives.

Though she had few that she would truly consider friends, Teague Harrington was her closest companion at the orphanage. He was older than her and bigger and being friends with him was sometimes enough to deter the smarter of the bullies who might see her as a target because of her size. Teague never treated her like less because of her stature or because she was a girl and they developed an almost sibling-like connection.

Time came when Teague had to get out, though. He left and she remained behind at the orphanage. Their friendship didn’t end there, though and from time to time she’d find that he’d left her some small thing or a bit of extra food he’d found at a spot they both knew well.

At the age of 14 she was adopted by the Pearson family, ostensibly because they wanted to love and support an older child in need of a family. In reality, the adoption was meant to provide Etta Pearson with an extra set of hands to help care and rear the family’s growing brood. James and Etta were not loving parents, but they provided for her with a roof, regular meals, and a safe place to sleep that she couldn’t have gotten at the orphanage. Juniper learned to cook, clean, dress basic wounds, manage schedules, and help with the birthing of babies.

Teague, knowing the streets and the channels of information like the back of his hand now, figured out quickly where she’d gone and the sort of family she was in. The gift leaving continued only this time on a flower box hanging from a window ledge outside one of the children’s bedrooms. She and Teague developed a code so that, on occasion, they could speak to each other leaving a bit of green ribbon tied to one side of the flower box if she was alone and the other if he should stay away. He used that same color green ribbon any time he left her something so she’d never doubt the gift’s sender. Though the Pearsons weren’t flush with income, particularly with so many children, she did manage to repay the favor of food from time to time, saving leftovers and sharing them with him when she could. ‘Bout a year before she turned 18 Teague got his chance to get off world and though she missed her friend terribly, she was happy for him.

The Pearson children looked up to her, though they were all made acutely aware, by James Pearson, that Juniper was in no way their actual sibling. As she matured, James Pearson’s attentions toward her shifted. Though he never laid a hand on her, he made it clear that when she was of age some repayment for his kindness was expected. He was particularly pointed in his expectations once she turned 17 and she began to plan a way out.

On the morning of her legal birthday, not knowing the actual date in question, she escaped the Pearson’s house by climbing out of an upper story window before dawn. She made her way to the nearest port, offered to pay her way to their next stop with food and cleaning and whatever other work they’d provide her as a deckhand, and got herself off of Dyton as fast as the freighter she’d signed onto would carry her.

For the last several years she has been keeping her head down and tending bar on Persephone in Eavesdown. She is a favorite of the bar’s regulars and the establishment’s owner has a strict no fraternization policy which has kept her from needing to worry about any unsolicited advances, though she’s enjoyed her share of dalliances when a customer struck her fancy just right. She’s become restless, though, and ready for something new, wondering if perhaps there’s something more an orphaned girl could do with herself than tend bar and help birth and care for babies.