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Jules Weysmith

Name Juliet ("Jules") Weysmith

Position Farmhand

Character Information

Gender Female
Place of Birth Weysmith Farm, Sweethome
Age 17

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2"
Weight 115 lbs.
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Slender and petite, Jules has red hair, with gold highlights in bright sunlight, that falls to mid-back and is ever so slightly curly. Her blue eyes betray little though there are hints, in unguarded moments, of hidden depths. She does not consider herself to be pretty and her clothes are not designed to attract attention.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Hank Weysmith
Mother Eleanora Weysmith
Brother(s) Peter Weysmith (22)
Gary Weysmith (14)
Sister(s) Adorabella Stone (26)
Lori Jo Weysmith (7)
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Juliet grew up understanding that she was the less important, middle daughter. With so much attention focused on Addy as “THE HEIR”, she has been relegated to the sidelines for as long as she can remember. While she didn’t go unscathed, she learned early how to avoid attention, to go unnoticed, to be less than who she could be. She is an introvert who is also empathic, creative, and more than a little altruistic. As a result, she will put the needs of others ahead of her own. She cries when she’s angry and is pretty much incapable of raising her voice. Instead, she’ll walk away and return once she’s calmed down. She likes to stay busy. Doing nothing is not possible for her.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
- Perceptive. She sees more than she lets on and is good at putting the pieces together.
- Creative. Has always wanted to paint but, being denied that opportunity, has found other outlets.
- Empath. As is true of many children of abuse, she is highly empathic. Reading the room, knowing what the people around you are feeling is a survival skill and she’s a survivor.

- Quiet. She doesn’t yell when she’s upset though she does cry when she’s angry. When something bothers her, she’ll spend time thinking about it on her own and then return to the problem, to work it out, when she can. Sometimes days later.
- Unable to Dream. She’s never had a chance to dream, to make plans for her own future and she’s not sure she even knows how to do so. Are there things she wants? Probably. But they get swallowed up in the drama and anger and hard work that is her day-to-day existence.
-Polite/Manners as a Shield. She is polite, often excruciatingly so, and uses manners as a shield that hides her true feelings.
Favorite Quotes "... Life can beat you down,
what goes around, comes around
It's not how you hit the ground,
It's how fast you get back up ..."
~ Nelly
Hobbies & Interests - Seamstress. Hand-sewing is a way to keep her hands busy, or so she says, though it also provides a much-needed outlet for her creative nature. She has a gift for transforming unflattering styles and in the past couple of years has earned a bit on the side from helping ‘improve’ outfits for the girls she knows from school.
- Gardening. Has always liked working in the garden, growing vegetables and herbs. It's useful but also peaceful work, a place where no one bothers her, and she has time to think … and sometimes, just enjoy the quiet.
- Baking. Her mother did most of the cooking while Juliet was responsible for doing the baking. There was a list, usually badly misspelled, that her mother left waiting for her every morning. Nothing fancy or even really interesting. Just bread and rolls and the like. As she got older, she took on the task of making cakes and cookies, small treats for the younger children.

Personal History Every family has roles that they play. Addy was always “THE HEIR” while Juliet, as the middle, less important, daughter was assigned as ‘help’. Literally. Relegated to helping her mother with the work of running the household and looking after her younger brother and sister, Juliet lived her life in the shadows. She wanted to study art; her parents decided that it was ‘too expensive’ and looking back on her seventeen years of life, that was the litmus test for pretty much everything. If it was fun or pretty or interesting, it was generally deemed ‘too expensive’ and therefore, immediately denied. Leaving home, to become an artist, was considered foolish and a waste of time because there was no money to be had in such a profession. Helping her mother and not wasting the family’s limited resources, that was the life she knew.

By the time she was sixteen, she was good at going unnoticed. She saved her reactions, emotional outbursts, for the garden, where she could be alone with the tedious tasks of weeding, fertilizing, pruning, and gathering. Hope was not something she could afford though she had tenuous plans, born of a desperate need to break free, that died on the night her older sister, Addy, left home.

From a life in the shadows, she and her older brother, Peter, were both thrust into the unforgiving glare of the spotlight. She had had no part in Addy’s departure, but she was made to pay, nevertheless. Scrutiny, always uncomfortable, became unbearable. Don’t slouch. Sit up straight. Smile more. Do something with that hair. Put on something that doesn’t look like you used it to wipe the floors, we’ve got guests coming over. Say something. Don’t just stand there like an idiot. The criticisms were endless, a barrage against the shields she had built up through her life in her father’s household.

At night, when the house was quiet, Lori Jo would sneak into her bedroom on one pretext or another – sometimes it was the storm outside, sometimes it was the storm that raged inside. She understood the need for comfort and so, she would read to her, in a soft whisper, from whatever book she had on hand until they were both tired enough to sleep.

And then Addy returned – but not to stay. It wasn’t enough that she had left, no, she came back to confront her parents and in the bitter aftermath, Juliet found herself in the middle of her father’s machinations. She was to marry the odious Matthias Stone (you’ll have to do now that your sister is off galivanting and leaving us all here to starve this winter) or was she? In the end, it was a game, a ploy, and when Addy was brought back, it all became clear. It had always been the older sister that Matthias wanted but whatever relief Juliet felt at being rescued died when she saw the look on her older sister’s face. If that’s what marriage is, she thought, then I’ll have no part of it.

They were bargained for and in the end, Addy took them all away from the family home. Brought them to the rundown ship that she called home. As she unpacked what few possessions she could stuff into her suitcase, Juliet wondered if this was a beginning or just the end of everything?