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Lizzy Claiborne

Name Heather Elizabeth Claiborne

Position Deck Hand

Character Information

Gender Female
Place of Birth Greenleaf
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 140 lbs
Hair Color Reddish Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description A young woman in her late 20s with reddish brown hair and near porcelain skin speckled with golden brown freckles. Heather Claiborne looks rather plain, just a tad on the taller side for a human woman. She often wears her hair shorter so that it does not fall beneath her shoulders and at times as short as a bob cut. This is more freedom than she used to have when she had to pull it back and pin it underneath her cap whilst in uniform.

A smile can be found on her face once in a while, but more often than not she favors a smirk or glower depending on her mood at the time. Her hazel eyes always watching and waiting, peering about down corridors on heightened alert. Underneath any trenchcoat or peacoat that adorns her petite figure is a fully holstered .475 Wildey Magnum semi-automatic pistol. She ‘never leaves home without it’ and it has seen its fair share of usage in recent years.
Identifying Marks She has some scar tissue on her back ground gunshot wounds received during the Unification War.
Weapons .475 Wildey Magnum semi-automatic pistol
  • English (dominant tongue)

  • Chinese (passive)

  • Gaelic

  • Family

    Spouse None
    Children Definitely None

    Personality & Traits

    General Overview Though Heather claims that she’s the same person that she’s always been, that is not entirely true. The war changed her just as it changed millions of others. The difference with Heather is she was not on the losing side of the war, but after the victory came the ‘fall from grace’ and the fog of war was lifted. She saw through the lens of retrospect and did not like what she saw staring back at her in the mirror.

    Make no mistake, however, Heather does not believe that the browncoats were right. She feels hardly any remorse for killing the countless browncoats and has decided to leave the past in the past. Though the ghosts may haunt her during her sleep, she tries her damn best to exorcise them and concentrate on the present and the future.

    She’s imbalanced and her perception of the ‘verse has been warped, twisted, and contorted in ways that her allegiance to the Alliance has withered away. Heather has a bittersweet personality. She can be domineering and manipulative, and this tends to cause her to micromanage others and if they stand in the way, Heather will bulldoze over them. Heather refuses to seek proper help to work through her trauma and issues. Instead, she washes it down with the burn of backwaters booze and burying herself in work. Heather loves a good challenge because a good challenge is a great distraction.
    Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
    • Inert strategical mind – Once upon a time, Heather was a strategic thinker who navigate obstacles by finding the smartest ways to do things. Though she still knows how to do this, it is a dormant trait because she has stopped caring about how much blood shed or the number of bodies are laid in her wake. If she were to apply her tactical mindset, she could potentially be even deadlier.

    • Leadership skills – Heather is a trained leader and well educated. The Alliance provided her a top tier education before military service and during it. She was an officer in the Union of Allied Planets’ Navy earning her commission and holding an advanced degree in psychology with an adept understanding of biology. A veteran of the Unification War, Heather gained respect from those serving alongside her. She became a young a accomplished officer aboard a Longbow class patrol cruiser.

    • Trust issues – Her experience and training has taught her to always have an exit strategy, and to sit with your back to a corner where nobody can get behind you. Like a meerkat, Heather is hypervigilant. All of this has caused her to have some serious trust issues. She has spent to past few years working alone, teamwork is not in her vocabulary.

    • Hair trigger – A trigger finger who has been surviving on her own, the smallest of thing can set her off and she is the type to encounter a tense situation with a motto of ‘shoot first and ask questions later’ and this has left her hands bloodstained.

    • Goal driven – Nothing is going to shake Heather from her goals, from meeting each and every objective, and getting the job done effectively. She does not care to hear about ideas that undermine her own, she plows through with little regard to options or alternatives.
    Favorite Quotes “I’ve taken down my fair share of browncoats and now I’ll dine with them. Times change, but I’m the same person I always was.”

    "The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy."
    Hobbies & Interests
  • Booze

  • Botany

  • Books

  • Ballistics

  • Personal History Birth
    Born on the third planet of the red sun system, Greenleaf was everything people say it is and more. It was full of thick green tropical rainforests and massive jungles and it was home to millions of plant species, some of which had medicinal value that trumped printed and minted currencies because many of the plant species were unable to be synthetized in laboratories and not for the lack of trying. Her own father was a pharmaceutical researcher for the Blue Sun Corporation, her mother a well to do daughter of a politician on Londinium. There was hardly anything that was not provided for Heather even from a young age within reason.

    She was raised in a kind home, mostly by her mother due her father’s commitment to his work. Often bored though, Heather would sneak off from time to time and escape her mother’s laissez-faire parenting. It was during these little excursions of hers that she first saw the grittier side of life even in her protective casing of education and wealth. She saw more than one individual gunned down over the black-market smuggling and dealing of the planets and byproduct narcotics made from some of them.

    It wasn’t until she was older than she started to understand the dangers of the rainforests and jungles of Greenleaf as the pieces began to come together for her. When she was of age, her parents had arranged for her to live with her grandfather on Londinium as she prepared for furthering herself with the best education that could be provided. The University of New Cardiff was the perfect place for a young woman of her stature and educational prowess to sink her teeth into all the best literature from Earth-That-Was, and though history spoke to her, Heather’s heart was bewildered and betrothed to the sciences. She majored in psychology as an undergraduate and minored in biology.

    The Unification War was already underway when she graduated from university, aware of its occurrences, but negligent in understanding why anyone, especially the worlds that most could use structure and guidance were mounting a resistance to the unification efforts. She strongly believed at the time that the browncoats were nothing more than annoying pistol wielding terrorists and anarchists who were ruining an otherwise prosperous future for the worlds outside of the core.

    Joining the war effort was against the wishes of her parents, but she was supported by her grandfather who helped train her on how to shoot a rifle and pistol. The Alliance had done the rest, taking the young mind of an impressionable young woman fresh from university and putting her through training the become a fighter. She was commissioned an officer in the Union of Allied Planets Navy, and it was there that she would be for most the duration of the war.

    A bright-eyed young ensign who would become scared and battle hardened, sculpted by the war itself and contorted by the Alliance that would later come to discard her like lèsè. Her psychology background was utilized by the Alliance who pushed her on service career of psychological operations, dispensing propaganda to worlds that the browncoats were gaining a foothold of and working to turn the citizens against the browncoats. Much of what she helped produce and distribute was misinformation unbeknownst to her, it was everything that she believed in and felt like she was fighting for, that unification was the answer, and she was damn good at it. Reaching the rank of Lieutenant Commander and put on a command track, Heather Claiborne became Executive Officer of an Alliance Longbow class patrol cruiser. The problem was the higher she flew, the brighter the sun, and the sun shone so brightly that she began to see the Alliance for what it really was. When that happened, her wings melted and she came spiraling down engulfed in flames.

    Left for dead at Du-Kang, she was severely wounded when she made a defiant choice to disobey orders because she felt the orders were wrong. Unwilling to slaughter civilian non-combatants, she laid down her service weapon to be taken into custody by Alliance MPs. Instead, she was walked unarmed for several feet before being shot in the back. She was left there bleeding out as the Alliance moved onward. When she was found by farmers, a veterinarian removed the bullets from her and stitched her up. She had a relatively low chance of survival, yet she was too stubborn to stay dead. She coded at least once but came back and eventually recovered albeit with some nerve damage and a soured taste towards the United Allied Planets. She never wore the uniform since and burned it.

    Heather has entered a period of second chances though she prefers to consider it penance for what she did as an Alliance officer. Having been on the run since turning her back on the Union of Allied Planets, this period of penance has been one of desperation and survival. There are things that she has had to do since the war that arguably outweigh the actions, she was part of during the war. Some of which, she is unapologetic about. Heather makes no excuses for her past, but her desire to uphold her personal commitment to help others, those she thought she was fighting for has led her to the Xiao Jin, a series 3 Firefly class transport vessel.