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Abrax Tovan

Name Abrax 'Abe' Tovan

Position Mechanic/Deck Hand

Character Information

Gender Male
Place of Birth New Livingston, Beaumonde
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 1.8m / 5ft 11in
Weight 68kg / 150lbs
Hair Color Brown, darker at roots with natural light brown & blonde highlights
Eye Color Sterling Grey
Physical Description Of caucasian stock, Abrax is well-proportioned, slender but solid from years spent wrestling with metal and machinery. He has a wide face, with a wide nose, a solid jaw line and a square chin.

His wavy hair is usually kept reasonably tidy, around shoulder-length, kept out of his face with a strip of cloth when necessary. Abrax shaves, especially for a special occasion, but will often allow his moustache and beard to grow out for a few days before trimming or removing it.

Abrax generally dresses for comfortable practicality, which usually involves some kind of linen shirt, tough pants held up with bracers and a good, dependable pair of boots.
Identifying Marks Variety of faded scars from minor injuries.
Pair of shallow, but long knife scars on back of left arm.
Weapons Winchester Model 1887 lever-action repeating shotgun.
Trench knife, full tang, metal knuckles styled grip.
Languages English (Beaumonde/border-world standard), smattering of chinese curse phrases


Spouse None
Children None
Father Boyard Tovan (b. 2465 d. 2512 from the Damplung)
Mother Danica Tovan nee Starling (b. 2466)
Brother(s) Bolan (b. 2486, d. 2509)
Cylus (b. 2490, twin)
Edrin (b. 2496)
Golar (b. 2505, d. 2510)
Sister(s) Dorea (b. 2490, twin)
Felicia (b. 2501
Other Family Jax Tovan (uncle, b. 2467)
Melida Tovan nee Starling (aunt, b. 2466)
Soshay (female cousin, b. 2485)
Petra (female cousin, b. 2488)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Loyal to those he views as worth it, Abrax is generally a genial, laidback type of guy with a somewhat sarcastic and crude sense of humour. Until those who have his loyalty are threatened, in which case he is fully willing to rain fiery destruction down upon those who so transgress.

Abrax isn’t afraid to make sacrifices for those he is loyal to. While he wouldn’t shy away from pulling someone up from the ground, Abrax knows enough of the world to keep an eye open for the hidden weapon in the person’s other hand.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Loyal to a Fault - No sacrifice or trial is too great to undertake for those Abrax is loyal to.

+ Good with Machines - Abrax has spent most of his life working maintenance and repair of machines of all kinds.

+ His Word is his Bond - From his father, Abrax learned that a man’s word is his honour and is all he really has at the end of the day.

+ Hands-on Learner - Abrax has always learned best by doing and is quick to pick up skills that way.

- Terrible Liar - As someone who has always gone out of his way to honour his word, Abrax is a downright terrible liar.

- Fear of Tight Spaces - As a result of his time trapped in an escape pod following the Battle of Sturges, Abrax has traumatic reactions to being ‘stuck’ in tight spaces.

- Damaged Lungs - Having grown up on pollution-heavy Beaumonde, Abrax’s lungs are damaged just enough to cause him grief during high-intensity, physical, activity. This usually takes the form of leaving him struggling to draw in enough breath.

- Nightmares - Having experienced a few traumatic experiences, Abrax is occasionally plagued by terrible nightmares that place him back in those moments.
Favorite Quotes ‘He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes, he who does not is a fool forever.’ ~ unknown Chinese philosopher

‘A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity’ ~ Proverbs 17:17, Bible

‘At the end of the day, when all else is stripped away, all a man has left is his word’ ~ Boyard Tovan
Hobbies & Interests Crafting - Abrax enjoys just about any activity that lets him make something with his hands, especially technical or mechanical projects.

Spaceships - Since the first time he realised the freedom spaceships represent, Abrax has loved just about everything about them.

Personal History The Tovan brothers ran a small repair shop on the outside of New Livingston on Beaumonde, mainly servicing rural vehicles and equipment. In 2484, Abrax was born the oldest son of the elder Tovan brother. As pre-war tensions increased and the family grew, the need to maintain income grew as well. Abrax started with helping in the repair shop, as well as picking up occasional day work on some of the surrounding ranches. With the birth of his youngest sister, Abrax was forced to seek better-paying work elsewhere, which, on Beaumonde, meant the factories.

In 2502, Abrax found an entry-level machine operator job with one of the various subsidiary companies belonging to Iskellian Technology Solutions. He quickly developed a reputation of being good with machines and by late 2505, was employed as an onsite technician, responsible for maintaining the production equipment and troubleshooting any problems that arose.

Shortly after the Unification War broke out, Abrax found himself drafted into the Union of Allied Planets Navy. Due to his technical skills, he was assigned as a second-class engineer’s mate aboard the I.A.V. Tempest. Abrax was still serving aboard at the time of the Battle of Sturges in 2508 during which the Tempest was destroyed following a series of unfortunate hits to its engineering section that rendered the ship uncontrollable, right up until it ploughed into battle wreckage at near-maximum acceleration and fragmented.

Fortunate to have been near a bank of escape pods when everything went to hell, Abrax was able to escape the doomed ship in its final moments. Unfortunately, debris blasted the rear of the pod, damaging the thrusters and leaving its occupant on an inertial trajectory deep into the black.

After two days spent adrift and another two lost while delirious and recovering, Abrax awoke aboard a type-3 Firefly retrofitted for medevac work. Most importantly, it was an Independent ship and he found himself a prisoner of war. In return for his parole, Abrax was allowed to work - largely on less-sensitive repairs and machining tasks. Having never been much of a follower of the Alliance’s politics, he felt no need to attempt to escape or sabotage the Independent’s operations. By the end of the war, he had even made some friends among the Independents.

With the signing of the Armistice, Abrax found himself a free man and returned home. There he discovered his father’s declining health from Damplung - a result of exposure to hazardous chemicals while working at a munitions factory during the war. When his father died, Abrax attempted to join in ownership of the family business. At which point the Alliance Military learned of his survival and he was quickly the recipient of a dishonourable discharge for dereliction of duty. Namely that he hadn’t attempted to escape captivity or sabotage enemy equipment when given the opportunity to do so. Abrax quickly learned just how much this would tarnish his reputation and potentially damage the family, especially now everyone was looking for scapegoats and people to blame.

Seeing which way the wind was blowing, Abrax signed his portion of the family business over to his uncle. In return, the uncle agreed to look after the family and Abrax put as much distance between his family and himself as he could.

For the next five years, Abrax took whatever paying work he could get. Staying in contact with his family via letters, he was sure to send whatever spare coin he had back home to help. Unfortunately, that wasn’t always a lot - those captains and crews who supported the alliance inevitably turned on him when they discovered the dishonourable discharge. And, naturally, those captains and crews who favoured brown coats tended to take a dislike to Abrax whenever they discovered his alliance navy background.

Fortunately, Abrax did have a few contacts who knew his story and his skills and one such came through on his behalf.
Service Record - Drafted into Alliance Military in 2506.
- Assigned to I.A.V. Tempest, Longbow-Class patrol cruiser as Engineer’s Mate, 2nd class.
- Listed as MIA following destruction of I.A.V. Tempest during the Battle of Sturges in 2508.
- Dishonourably discharged in 2512.