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Ashe Sparrowhawk

Name Ashe Ruth Sparrowhawk

Position Pilot-That-Was

Character Information

Gender Female
Place of Birth Lazarus; a poor planet orbiting the brown dwarf Heinlein
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 140 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Ashe is a woman of rather average build. She not particularly pretty, so much as she is slightly athletic. She has medium brown skin, long black hair that she keeps tied back in a ponytail, and dark brown eyes. She has a pleasant smile and a forgettable face. Ashe usually wears relatively masculine clothes; she wouldn’t be caught dead in a dress, and would much rather wear work or combat attire. If formality is needed, she can wear a suit.


Spouse Kathy Ann Mack – died in the Battle of Sturges
Children Stepdaughter: Bella Mack – 12, lives on Lazarus with Ashe’s parents
Father Lee Sparrowhawk – 48, lives on Lazarus as a nurse
Mother Tiffany Sparrowhawk – 48, lives on Lazarus as a farmer
Brother(s) Audrey (d), Albert "Cowboy", Anthony (d), Ace, Alex
Sister(s) Anna, Amy

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ashe is good at pretending to be kind. She is not a mean person, but behind her veneer of kindness, she very much falls into the category of “the ends justifies the means”. She is willing to do what it takes, even if that makes her a bad person. That being said, she is still a bit conflicted about what that suitable end is. She has made some mistakes in her life; most of them being during the unification war and she lives with a heavy guilt over the things she has done. She wants nothing more than to try and be able to make up for it all.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Intelligent
+/- Ruthless
- Dishonest
- Troubled History
Favorite Quotes Ashe has done some wrong in her life, and now she wants to right a wrong. She hurt the browncoats during the war; now she wants to try and help out those less privileged planets the only way she knows how to: as a pilot.
Hobbies & Interests Comic books are Ashe’s main interest. She sketches as a hobby, and is quite decent at it, though she doesn’t really brag about her sketching hobby too much as she would rather be able to paint.

Personal History Ashe grew up with a rather average family on Lazarus; a poor planet orbiting the brown dwarf Heinlein. Her father was a nurse, and her mother managed the family farm. Ashe was the oldest of eight children. Being a large family in a small town on Lazarus, her family held a decent amount of political sway with the lower classes, but that was still nothing compared to the token Alliance official who reigned over them. Ashe decided to do things the proper way, though. If she wanted things to be better on her world, she would go into law, and give her planet justice through either law or politics.

When Ashe was eighteen, her town scrapped up money for her to go Osiris for law school – not to the University of Osiris, as she had neither the money nor influence to get in there, but to another, smaller university on the planet. She started a pre-law degree and realized that her appreciation of comic books, while it was seen as a bit strange among the outer worlds, was normal here.

Ashe liked it in the Alliance. She liked her school, and her friends. She started dating a woman named Kathy; she was a comic book artist and a single mother, who shared a few classes with Ashe in college. Ashe was a very lawful person. She thought that people should play by the rules, even if they disagreed with the rules, and so when the unification war broke out when she was 20, she thought of the independents with disdain, even if the independents represented her home planet. Kathy, however, was much more fiery and passionate about this whole ordeal than Ashe was. Kathy blamed the independents for prolonging this war, instead of just surrendering immediately. The two got married so that Ashe could get custody of Kathy’s kid – Ashe’s stepdaughter, Bella - while Kathy went off to fight for the Alliance military.

Only a couple years into the war, and Kathy died in one of the bloodiest battles in the war. Ashe was not about to let this sit. She wanted revenge. Ashe sent the kid to live her parents while she herself enlisted to fight. However, Ashe was in a unique position. Given her wife’s loyalty, the Alliance didn’t much question her loyalty, but she had also grown up on a planet that was aligned with the independents. She underwent training from the Alliance navy before moving back to her homeworld of Lazarus to enlist in the independent navy as a spy.

Ashe played the part of a browncoat quite well. Honestly, it wasn’t hard. She had grown up among a family who was vocally opposed to the Alliance’s influence on their planet. And she still believed some of those thoughts.

By the time Ashe joined the browncoats, they were already losing their advantages in the sky. What training Ashe had from the Alliance with their Alliance Fast Attack Ships meant that she could pass herself off as a slightly better than decent pilot to the independents. She knew their strategies, after all, and how they worked. It seemed to them that she had a knack for it.

Unfortunately, for the Alliance at least, the more time she spent with the browncoats the more she remembered why she had been anti-Alliance in the first place. These people were willing to lay down their lives for her homeworld, among others, even if it wasn't a world they would ever step foot on. They had a sort of camaraderie that Ashe had not expected to find.

There were a few more major events that started to weaken Ashe’s opinion of the Alliance even further. First off was her brother’s death. Her oldest brother had been part of the browncoat army. His ship carried supplies – no weaponry, just food and medicine to the front line. When it was shot down, Ashe grieved with her family. Her opinion also fell when she discovered that the battle that her wife had died in had been a battle over wealth. From a strategic standpoint, it made sense. They couldn’t let the browncoats get that. But also it seemed like such a trivial thing to waste a soldier’s life on.

However, all Ashe knew was obedience. She made friends among the browncoats, including a man named Poe, but she still reported in on their movements to the Alliance.

When the war finished, Ashe was rewarded for her service. She had her student debts paid off, and an invitation to continue law school (as she had only completed her undergrad). She declined, instead moving back to Lazarus to be with her family and step-daughter. She was not ready to be a mother though; and Bella already viewed Ashe’s parents as her parents. So Ashe decided that she would support the family in another way. She would go take up some piloting jobs, and send the money back home, maybe putting some of it aside for a college fund for Bella. Besides… maybe if she took piloting jobs that benefited those planets that been with the browncoats, she could start slowly chipping away at the wrongs she had done.