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Addy Stone

Name Adorabella Margaret Stone

Position Mechanic

Character Information

Gender Female
Place of Birth Sweethome
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5’ 7’’
Weight 167 lbs
Hair Color Wavy/curly red, often worn in twin braids when not down.
Eye Color Dark brown
Physical Description She is of an average build, with lean muscular arms and an hourglass figure that is regularly hidden under a pair of coveralls. When she wants to keep her tattoos covered she wears a long sleeved t-shirt under her coveralls, but typically prefers a basic tank top. A worn brown leather jacket is her preferred outerwear to complete her usual ensemble.
Identifying Marks Half sleeve of tattoos on her right arm and a “collar” tattoo along her collar bone. That tattoo on her collar bone reads: "God’s own clock quicksand slows to an ice-whisper quiet." (Referencing a quote from Craig Clevenger's Dermaphoria).

She also has a small heart - about the size of a pencil eraser, behind her right ear. It's typically hidden behind her hair and is hard to see even if her hair is pulled back.
Weapons Current:
Colt Commander - .45 ACP single-action, semi-automatic; worn in a shoulder holster under her leather jacket

Ruger Mini-14 Ranch - 5.56 NATO, grey and black stock


Spouse Matthias Stone
Children N/A
Father Hank Weysmith
Mother Eleanora Weysmith
Brother(s) Peter Weysmith - Brother (22)
Gary Weysmith - Brother (14)

Sister(s) Juliet Weysmith - Sister (17)
Lori Jo Weysmith - Sister (7)
Other Family Lover and Love of Her Life - Quinlan Barrett Poe

Personality & Traits

General Overview ENFP Personality Type
Strengths & Weaknesses +Some skill with engines and mechanical things.
+Used to hard work/labor
+Good host with a pistol, better shot with a rifle.
+Excellent baker
+Can read and write in English
+Can sufficiently converse in Chinese

-A bit of a dreamer.
-Hasn't traveled to many places outside of Sweethome.
-Can be a bit naive.
-Terrible cook
Favorite Quotes Addy just wants to see the 'verse. Beyond that... the stars are the limit.
Hobbies & Interests Addy loves to tinker with things. She enjoys taking them apart and putting them back together to figure out how they work. Puzzle trinkets fascinate her. She loves animals and is a moderately decent singer when she’s got time and the means to regale someone with a song. She desperately wants to see the ‘verse before she settles whether back home on the farm or somewhere else.

Personal History
Addy was raised on a large dairy farm owned by her family on Sweethome. The farm has been in the Weysmith family for nearly two and a half centuries and is, traditionally, passed down from one generation to the other. In addition to 180 head of cattle the 270 acre farm produces wheat and soy bean crops.

From a young age Addy was taught to help on the farm, starting with feeding the calves each day at the age of 5. She has basic reading and writing skills--just the ones necessary for the type of bookkeeping used in agricultural business. Most of her life was spent in a pseudo-apprenticeship under her father. She can pull a breech calf and fix a thrown shoe with the best of them.

Though she’s comfortable with animals, Addy has a particular liking for the machinery of the farm and took to patching and fixing various tractors, wagons, and grain silos to make sure the family’s livelihood could be maintained with minimum cost. She’s a fair hand with a wrench, but never got so far as being able to do engines larger than a small tractor.

In her late teens, Addy's parents connected with the Independents, offering their farm as a a safe space to hide wounded Browncoats so they could heal safely. They also functioned as a supply junction for the movement. On the night Quinlan Poe was brought, injured, to the Weysmith farm Addy protected him from Alliance goons by claiming he was her fiancé and had been injured in an accident on the farm. Over the two weeks that Poe was on the farm Addy helped to oversee his care and ultimately developed a strong attachment to him. That visit would change her perspective on what she wanted to do with her life. She had hoped he would keep in touch, but once returned to the warfront she never heard from him again.

Addy started co-running the farm in her early twenties, but could never get comfortable with the idea that she would always be in just this one place when the whole ‘verse was out there to see. After a lot of soul searching she set out to see what was beyond the farm, leaving her parents behind with a promise to return.