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Charlie Fields

Name Charlie Fields

Position Deckhand-That-Was

Character Information

Gender Male
Place of Birth Born on Kerry
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 118 pounds
Hair Color Blonde/Short
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Charlie has short blonde hair, mostly straight, but always in need of a trim. Other than that, he has no body hair whatsoever and has a slim build. Strong enough to do the work, with an abundance of energy, but lacking well-defined musculature. Months of hard work and not enough food will do that to a body. His clothes are worn but serviceable and he carries everything he owns, which isn’t all that much, in a leather backpack that was old before he even found it. He’s more graceful than you’d expect and there’s a watchfulness about him but then, that’s just plain common sense.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Charlie grew up in a life of obligation under the iron hand of dominating parents. Took him a long while to understand that the world wouldn't end if he made a choice for himself. Longer still, to find the courage to escape but doing so, proved to the be the turning point in his life. Desperation drove him to make a drastic change (and really anything is possible if you have the coin) and though he did it for all the wrong reasons, he's freer and happier now in the aftermath than he ever was before.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
- Good with swords and knows some self-defense. Not a bad shot though he doesn’t openly carry a weapon. While he isn’t the type to go looking for a fight, he can protect himself if it's needed.
- Educated and likes to read. Not that he advertises his education. More that he’s quiet, listens a lot, and will sometimes come up with an answer that surprises you.
- Hard worker. LIkes to keep busy. Always willing to work.

- A bit secretive and definitely not one to talk about the past. Charlie prefers to live completely in the present.
- Not talkative and not really good with words. He's more than willing to listen but he's not the kind that has exactly the right thing to say on the tip of his tongue. Takes him awhile and some thought before he's ready to speak.

- Didn’t fight in the war but has his own reasons for hating the Alliance.
- Not chatty at the best of times, he doesn't talk before he's had tea or coffee. He can function; just don't expect much more than grunts until then.
Favorite Quotes To live free.
Hobbies & Interests Back when there was time for such things, reading and music though carrying a guitar around these days is just asking to get robbed. I do have a harmonica though.

Personal History I was born on Sihnon to a family of means. There were no choices to be had in my life; my home was a well-decorated cage filled with violence and hatred. My life, well, that was all decided for me and, to my shame, I allowed myself to be led. It wasn’t a life one liked so much as one endured. My parents said that it was just me being a child … a teenager … I don’t know. Maybe? I just know that I felt like a stranger in my own skin every single day.

I worked and studied and trained. Technical perfection. That’s what they said. But I lacked the heart for the work. My heart was locked away, safe but mostly unused, you know? Not that that mattered much to anyone but me. Course, there comes a time when one has to actually do the work and that’s when the problems set in. I couldn’t quite figure out how to free myself from the chains of obligation that were all but choking the life out of me.

Here’s the thing. Everyone has a breaking point and when you get to that place, the one where you realize you just can’t do it anymore, that’s when things start to change. Leastwise, that’s how it worked for me. I found courage I never knew I had and I ran. As fast and as far as I could. Seemed like everyone in the ‘verse was after me – not because I’d done anything illegal. Mostly just because I stopped being the perfect windup toy; I stepped out of the role I was assigned.

I made a life-changing decision for all the wrong reasons and that was where I met Charlie Fields. He was making a life-changing decision as well but only after a lot of thought. I didn't know her long and when she died, I could see the panic welling up in the certain eyes and came to another life-changing decision. I took the name and the identity as my own; Charlie was buried in my family plot back on Sihnon.

There’s no going back now, you see. From here on out, I'm Charlie Fields and I have to say that for the first time in as long as I can remember, there’s this quiet inside me, a peace I didn’t even know was possible to find. How that makes sense, I have no idea but that’s the way of it. Those panicky doctors paid well for my making their problem go away. They don't have to know that my family paid for the funeral.

So now, I’m looking for work – preferably on a boat headed out into the black. Charlie has a new life and now and he means to make the best of it. If anyone asks from here on out, I was born on Kerry. That will also be my first stop. Just so I can say something about it if asked.