The Sim

Ownership History

Co-Owners: Quinlan Barrett Poe and Teague Harrington
Captain: Teague Harrington
First Mate: Quinlan Barrett Poe

Poe's back and the plot's been revealed. I'm Teague Harrington, friend and co-owner of the Xiao Jin, and Poe and me? Well, we're about as different as two people can be. He was a sniper during the war, I was a blockade runner. He's non-verbal at the best of times, I'm comfortable conversing with folk. He's willing to do the hard things, often on his own, to protect the crew. While I can hold my own in a fight, but I don't see it as a first option and honestly, I don't see as how I need to solve folks' problems for them. Teach a man to fish. Ever heard that one?

We run the Xiao Jin together though for most things, I'm the Captain since I can, you know, string words together dependably and know a lot more about running a ship than he does.

I supported the Independents during the war and it's clear to me that the Alliance is out to strip the outer rim of resources (still) whereas we'd all just like them to get their boots off our neck. I prefer jobs that won't land me in a prison cell, but I won't let an injustice go by unanswered so there's that.

Back to the Xiao Jin. The ship is a Series 3 Firefly and if you know anything about ships, you'll know that it will last forever if you have a good pilot and a better mechanic. Staffing might be an issue, so if you have some skills and want to see the 'verse, head on down to the Eavesdown Docks on Persephone. Always happy to have a chat; I'll even provide the tea.

My plan is to keep moving, keep working because that's how the bills get paid, but I got to say that it's a good life living on a ship. We have an amazing cook and there's an endless variety of places to visit and things to do. There's a peace to life in space where no one is going to surprise you in the middle of the night.