The Sim

My name is Quinlan Barrett Poe though most know me as just Quinn and I'm the owner and Captain of the Xiao Jin. Its a Series 3 Firefly and if you know anything about ships, you know that it'll last forever if you have a good pilot and a better mechanic. I have both. There are comfortable accommodations for passengers and a good-sized cargo bay. We serve regular meals, protein packs in all the colors of the rainbow mostly, but that shouldn't come as much of a surprise.

The Xiao Jin is my home; the only one left to me since the war ended. We're always moving, always working. Because that's the way of things now that we're all one big happy Alliance. Here's the deal. Come to the Eavestown Docks and we can talk. If you have the coin, might just be we can come to an arrangement.