The Jobs

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Jobs is how we keep the Xiao Jin flying because we ain't ever going to be on the drift. Not while I have anything to say about it.

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Ghost Walk

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"The door was open; I stepped in. A ghost town with a ghost theater, yet the former grandness still evident, the gold wallpaper peeling, the velvet seats in attendant rows, though ripped and ruined. Why did I cry? Not because it was a wreck, but because I felt the history."
~ Dana Spiotta

The Xiao Jin's new owner, Teague Harrington, sets up a cargo run and the crew settles in for the beginning of their new reality. The first stop will be the planet Box, one of the production worlds owned by the Blue Sun Corporation, to deliver some supplies and purchase protein from the factory outlet. After that, it's off to Kerry to deliver a shipment to a remote settlement and from there, it's on to Boros to deliver parts to Sanchez Ship Repair and Storage.