Specifications - Xiao Jin


Series 3, Mid-Bulk Transport, Firefly Class designed by the Allied Spacecraft Corporation. Hulls and engines are constructed at ASC's shipyard at New Burbank, Osiris, with final outfitting being outsourced to a dozen smaller companies, including the newly formed Firefly Ship Works on Hera. All Fireflies feature a large rear engine module, wing-mounted engines capable of vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL), a centralized cargo section, and raised forward section holding the crew quarters and bridge. (See complete specifications)


Class 03-K64-Firefly (Standard Civilian)
Role Mid-Bulk Transport (Class B)
Drive Standard Radion/Accelerator Core
Power Plant 2 Blue Sun 6v4-178-B31 Trace Compression Block 36 RCS Thrusters
Registration 404-E-143-4SG281A
Range 400 A.U. (Max Fuel) / 33 A.U. (Max Payload)
Other Equipment 2 Magnetic Grappler Launchers, 6 Self-Powered Transmitter Buoys, 3 One-Man Escape Pods (Cockpit Crew)


Length 269 Feet, 3 Inches
Width 170 Feet
Height 88 Feet, 8 Inches
Decks 2


Crew 6
Passengers 18 (9 Dorms)

Auxiliary Craft

Carried Vessels 2 Endo/Exo-Atmospheric Shuttles
1 MF-813 Flying Mule