Tour - Morgan's Room

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Crew Quarters Assigned to the Grimshaw Brothers

Additional Information

Location Fore Hallway, Main Deck (Access by Ladder)
Description Not large by anyone's standards.. There are two bunk-sized beds, with mattress and pillow, built into the hull with drawers beneath the lower one and a shelf (with guard rail) above. There's a small light on the underside at one end of the shelf. On either side of the bed are cabinets that can be used to stow gear. Personal grooming station includes a mirror and a retractable sink. Access via the mid-deck catwalk to a communal head and shower. Not really built to add furniture but you might be able to squeeze a small chair in there if you don't mind hitting your shins more often than not.

Note: Crew member is responsible for bringing sheets, blankets and whatever else they need to feel comfortable. Just make sure you keep it clean. If the smell gets bad enough for me to notice, we'll have words. ~ Teague