Tour - Teague's Room

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Captain's quarters (It's about the size of Zoe and Wash's cabin on the show). Double the size of regular quarters.

Additional Information

Location Fore Hallway, Main Deck (Access by Ladder)
Description Largest of the private quarters. Double, custom bed, long enough to fit his length, built into the wall with drawers underneath, cabinets on both sides, and a cabinet overhead. Beneath the overhead is a shelf, with guardrail, and attached to the underside of the shelf is a light. The length of the bed has been sized to fit someone over six feet tall comfortably. Has a personal grooming station with a mirror, shelf underneath, retractable sink and a fold-down toilet. There's a chair with a footstool, with lighting to read by, and a desk and chair. There are also several hidden compartments in this room -- no one but the captain knows where they are or what's in them.

There are always books on the shelf over the bed. Sheets and pillowcases are white with a large black band on the border and there is a light gray comforter with pairs of black vertical stripes that are widely spaced. There are additional blankets, all of good quality, in varying shades of gray under the bed because an extra blanket is a lot cheaper than turning the heat up.

The ceiling has been painted with a mural of the stars that glows in the dark; you can lay in bed and imagine yourself falling asleep under a nighttime sky.

As a minimalist, there is a distinct absence of clutter in the room. What he has is tucked away out of sight.