Tour - Passenger Dorms

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Passenger quarters are not designed for long-time travel.

Additional Information

Location Nine Dorms on the Lower Level
Description Small and relatively bare, lacking many of the basic amenities found in the crew cabins. There a bed, a sink, a mirror and not much more. Washroom with shower is shared among the passengers and is located in the nearby common area. Once you get used to the sound of the reactor located directly above, the rooms provide an adequate place to sleep. Ceilings are a bit low due to the fact that dorms are stacked on top of each other in two levels. Thin sliding doors offer a bit of privacy (but not a lot).

Note: It is possible to remove a wall between two of the rooms to make the space larger but I'd recommend talking to me about it before you go changing my ship. ~ Teague

Note: That's 'our' ship. ~Poe