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Moving Back In

Posted on Wed Jul 19th, 2023 @ 9:45pm by Teague Harrington & Quinlan Barrett Poe & Addy Stone
Edited on on Thu Jul 20th, 2023 @ 3:24pm

Mission: Visit to Boros
Location: Xiao Jin, Nearing Boros, Crew Deck
Timeline: Mission Day 58 - 1930

It hadn't taken long to pack up Teague's gear and strip the bed. A traveling bag sat near the foot of the ladder while its owner sat in the room's only chair and Poe perched on the edge of the desk. Between them, a worn and wrinkled map was spread out; the map held no written notes or marks of any kind because that kind of thing could be found.

"That gives me a few places to start," Teague said as he leaned back in the chair, "to make contact and start spreading the word." He shook his head. "Ain't many in your crew that really understand what's going to happen."

Poe nodded, his expression turning sour for a moment before righting itself in the face of his determination. "Don't matter," he said at last, "what they think or don't think. My mind's made up on this point. Even if I have to go it alone."

"Folks out on the rim are going to take the brunt of this," Teague said. "And I'm on board. Call us a resistance movement of two, eh?"


The voice was Addy's and it'd come from above them as the woman caught the very tail end of the conversation. Her boots and her coveralls were the only thing a body could have seen from below at first, but she was quick down the ladder before adding. "A movement of three. I don't aim to sit on the sideline this time."

"Three then," Poe said. "I won't expect anything from the rest of them." His gaze tracked upward and forward, as though he could see through bulkheads to where the crew had gathered in the dining area. "But the folks on the rim will suffer and if there's anything I can do to help, I mean to do it."

Addy's face was set in a grim determination, but there was something fiery in her eyes that sparked at Poe's words. She stepped to his side, wrapping one arm around his waist and tucking herself against him. She felt like she should have words. Say something. Add her own contribution. But what does a body say when faced with the enormity of what her own kin had wrought. And really she'd said the only thing that mattered. She wouldn't be relegated to the sidelines, safely on the outskirts this time.

Instead she let out a sigh, looking once between the two men and then up at the painted ceiling that had become so familiar to her in such a short time. Her eyes traced the painted stars before returning to Teague.

"Thank you," she said plainly, with a voice full of the weight of her gratitude. "Your help..." she started then stopped. "Ain't nothing I can do to repay what you've helped make possible by taking over the ship for us while Quinn was away."

"It was rather interesting," Teague said with a slight smile. "Quinn here," he slanted a look at Poe who narrowed his eyes in warning, "needed help that I was happy to provide. I owed him one."

"More than one," Poe murmured. "Never met someone more like to run into trouble."

"It's a gift," Teague said cheerfully. "Keeps life interesting. I can stay with the ship while you two go visit the judge."

At that Addy drew a breath, letting it out slow and then looking up at Poe as if to read his thoughts on that. She was ready to get this done and over with. To have her name back. To stop looking over her shoulder every damned stop of the way.

Teague made shooing motions with his hands. "Okay then, be off with you. I'll finish up in here and then send a wave or two. Got a lot of folks to reconnect with. And Addy? Good luck."

The smile that lit Addy's face was deep and genuine warmth and appreciation. She pulled away from Poe, tilting her head to look up at him a moment and then stepped across to warp Teague in a hug. "Thank you," she said again. "If you ever need anything..." she trailed off, pulling out of the embrace and tilting her head slightly to look pointedly at the taller man. "... you call us."

"Be happy," Teague said. "And like I told Poe, I'll be in touch once I start identifying the needs out on the rim. Make some contacts. Now go ..." He smiled fondly down at her before nudging her gently back in Poe's direction. "Just want to do one last circuit of the room. Make sure I got everything."

Poe nodded. Anything that needed to be said between them had already been said and he'd never been one to overly elaborate a point. "Come on, Addy," he said gently. "Let's go talk to the Judge." He picked up a messenger bag, made of sturdy olive-drab canvas and slung it over his head so that the strap settled across his body, right shoulder to left hip. In it was the originals of the information he had found though there were a couple of copies floating about should the need arise.

With a deep breath drawn in and then released, the red headed former-mechanic watched Poe lift the bag over his head, aware of what it held, but more than that, what it meant. Her freedom. Their freedom. "I'll follow you," she said with a quiet hopeful warmth as they both stepped up to the ladder. It was a statement of fact in the moment. And it was a promise. She'd follow him to the end of the 'Verse if she had to.


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