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On Boros: In and Out

Posted on Wed Feb 23rd, 2022 @ 11:37am by Quinlan Barrett Poe & Ashe Sparrowhawk & Addy Stone & Shepherd Harley
Edited on on Tue Apr 26th, 2022 @ 10:07pm

Mission: The Xiao Jin Chronicles
Location: Xiao Jin, Dock on Boros
Timeline: Mission Day 5 at 0830

Dressed for business, which meant armed because his outfits didn't vary all that much, Poe stepped up onto the Bridge. "Morning, Ashe," he said. "We ready to land on Boros?"

"We're entering atmo right now," Ashe responded. She herself was also armed; despite being a pilot, she had been in the military. If they were going to leave her with the ship while they were on Boros, she didn't want any chance for somebody to catch her off guard. "We're on course for a smooth landing, won't be long."

Not that Sula showed it, but she was somewhat excited to be on Boros. First, space flight was rather boring. Just walking on a planet, even an Alliance based one, would be a welcome change. Second, she knew that she was going to be helping Kane to his new life. They would have some time to walk and talk, while they got him a clean shave and Sula started searching for supplies for the medbay.

However, feeling the turbulence was not desirable to Sula. The shepherd hung onto a rail for dear life. She called out, "How long is this going to last?" Her stomach started to move its way upwards.

Addy was still nursing a cup of coffee at the table in the dining room when the telltale shudder and creak of the ship entering the atmosphere of Boros began. She grinned. She'd only experienced this once before, when the Baby Bessie had landed on Persephone. It had been exciting then, but now with a ship she that she was allowed to touch and work with she wanted to be everywhere at once, listening and watching and taking in. Instead, though, she sipped her coffee and grinned.

Poe keyed the ship wide communications system and said, "we're about to land on Boros everyone. Once we're on the ground, one of the crew will put down the ramp and then passengers are free to disembark. Addy, Shepherd, if you could both come up to the bridge for a minute?"

Sula hung onto a rail with both hands as the turbulence continued. By the time that she got to the bridge, she was extremely pale and starting to turn green. She kept her head bent down as she asked, "Yes, Captain?"

Addy wasn't far behind the Shepherd, much more comfortable on her feet. She'd gotten the green gills stage of things out of the way on the Baby Bessie and was oddly pleased with herself for doing as well as she was. Booted feet rang on the steps up to the bridge before she swung in, pausing to take in Quinlan with a shy sort of happy grin before sidling in along the back wall of the bridge and leaning against it, one booted foot crossed over the other and arms crossed over her chest.

"Okay, we're setting down on Boros but this is going to be a quick stop. Ashe, if you could take care of the fuel and then once you're back, Shepherd, you can go hunting for medical supplies. No passengers for this next leg of the trip so there's time to clean up the dorms once we're back in the air. Addy and me are going shopping as well and then I have to meet someone about a job. I'll get the information we need and then, we're back in the air." He paused to take a better look at the Shepherd, a frown creasing his forehead, "You alright, Shepherd?"

"I will be when we've landed," she replied through pained words. "Not used to the turbulence." She worried, "I'm not too green, am I?" Sula sucked in a big breath of air and held onto it.

Poe murmured, head bouncing slightly from side to side, "Can't say as I'm a good judge but I'm thinking slightly green, yes. Ashe what do you think? Green? Or just very white?"

Sula turned her head from Poe back to Ashe and then looked for Addy, hoping that someone would tell her if she was about to vomit or pass out.

"Maybe a bit of both," Ashe shrugged. Then she added: "But we all start somewhere. And a Firefly transport isn't exactly the smooth ride of a passenger ship." The woman spoke easily as she steered the ship; landing was not something that the autopilot could do by itself, so she was constantly making adjustments to their trajectory, to their speed, to the mixture of fuel, the pressure of the vessel, etc. "And sure thing, Captain. I'll take care of the fuel."

"Good," Poe said. "Then if we all know what we're doing, Shepherd, how about you get off the bridge? Maybe find a bucket you can hang around with until we land ... just in case, that is."

Was the Captain being nice to her? Or making fun of her? Sula was not really sure. All she could feel was the bile rising from her stomach. She bent over involuntarily as the contents of her stomach rose. Through great exerted effort, she choked them back down, tasting once again her previous meal. For an answer, she just nodded and slowly made her way from the bridge.

Addy's eyes followed the Shepherd out the door before returning to Quinlan. She shot Ashe a quick glance as well, offering the pilot a smile that she likely didn't see as her attention was focused elsewhere.

"So other than shopping, anything you want me to be doing?" she asked Poe, unsure how she felt about being jobless in the mix of everything.

"Oh right," Poe said. He had been displaying a decided lack of distance this morning, though he wasn't aware of it, but when he turned to Addy, his unusually easygoing manner softened just that much more. "Ashe was saying as how she didn't trust the autopilot so if you and she could put it through its paces a bit once we're back in the black. But while we're here on Boros, if there are any parts that you're in special need of, we can talk numbers."

Nodding, Addy tucked her top lip between her teeth, thinking. "No parts that need immediate attention. She's in good condition on that front and a few spares of the key ones are already on hand. So I think we're fine for now. I'll spend the time familiarizing myself with the system while we're on the ground then and we can run down the autopilot when we're off the ground again."

"That's good," Poe said. "Can't think of anything else at the moment. So, let's see about getting the passengers off the ship. Find me if you run into any problems."

She nodded again, lingering a bit longer than necessary. She didn't have an excuse to stay, but after a few days of questioning whether to leave him be or not, she now found herself reluctant to go. Finally she pushed off the wall, snagging his hand in hers and squeezing gently, before turning to go about her work.

He pulled her back to him and smiled down into her eyes. "Come find me when you're ready to go," he said. "I'm going to go say good-bye to Judge Rainbird. Never hurts to be friendly with someone who might decide whether to stick you in jail or not one day." His eyes twinkled as he added. "Plus, he plays chess. I like that in a person."

She met his smile with her own, unable to help herself. "Tell the Judge I said it was a pleasure having him," she said, the warmth in her tone making it clear she meant it. "I'll find you in a few." She hesitated again and then, finally, shifted up onto tiptoes, her boots creasing as she did, and pressed a quick kiss to his lips. The words she was thinking were right on the tip of her tongue, but it wasn't the time nor the place and so squeezing his hand one last time, she pulled free and made her way out of the bridge only looking once over her shoulder as she did.

He watched her go, distracted for a long moment, before returning his focus to the tasks at hand. He needed to resupply his ammo and best to get that done and out of the way before he took Addy out. He moved to stand behind Ashe, watching as the ship headed down to Boros.

Ashe didn't comment on the actions between those two, instead just giving a slight grin as she steered the ship towards Boros. She remembered being in love, once.


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