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Clean Up Time

Posted on Sat Apr 16th, 2022 @ 10:39pm by Shepherd Harley
Edited on on Tue Apr 26th, 2022 @ 10:08pm

Mission: Ship Life
Location: Boros
Timeline: Mission Day 5 at 0800

Sula was grateful that the Xiao Jin had landed. Somehow, she had managed to keep all the contents of her stomach within her. However, before she was going to go anywhere, she decided to make herself a bit more presentable. Letting others see her weakness, when she had to be a strength for others as probably not ideal. So, after heading to her the bathroom and sprinkling some water on her face to bring back whatever semblance of color she had to her face, she went to check on Kane.

She wondered if Kane had already left the ship. She doubted it. At least she hoped that he had not. After all, they were going to spend the day together getting him cleaned up and getting medical supplies. Did he have alcohol this morning? She hoped not. She really hoped that he followed through on his statements from last night. However, she was prepared for the worst as she headed down to find him.

Arriving at Kane's quarters, she knocked on the door. There was no answer. She waited patiently for a count of ten before knocking louder. Tell me that he did not drink more. Tell me that he did not drink more. Again, no answer.

Steeling herself, she put on her best disturbed shepherd look and tried the door. To her shock, it opened. Even a greater shock awaited her, the cabin was empty. None of Kane's belongings were there. A piece of paper remained on his nearly made bed. Nervously, Sula approached the paper.

Unsurprisingly the paper did not move. She could see it was folded. On the top, it was labelled, "Sula." The shepherd reached for it once and then pulled back. Why does this make you nervous, Sula? You told him that he could use your name. And why did you do that? Shaking her head, both to rid herself of the internal dialog and to chastise herself from being silly, she picked it up and silently read it to herself.

The contents of the letter made Sula's eyes widen. He apologized for kissing her again and then thanked her for being placed on a brighter path. Then there was some nonsense about trying to redeem himself for himself and her. I did not reject the kiss, you fool! I was surprised! I did not even know what it meant! And now you leave?! Angrily, she stuffed the letter into her pocket.

Why was she bothering? And why be so angry? She had work to do and she had a mystery to solve. This was just a distraction. She helped him. That should be good enough. It was your duty, Sula, she scolded herself. You did what you were trained to do. You did the Lord's work. And now, you have to keep your promise and work for the Captain. Get a move on. You have medical supplies to shop for.

Straightening herself, she left Kane's former quarters and set about doing her duty.


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