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The Roadmap

What's the Roadmap? It's a quick view of what's in store for the crew of the Firefly Class vessel, Xiao Jin in the coming months that is based on roadmaps I've seen developers create for games I play, such as Medieval Dynasty and Destiny 2. I always read those notices, look forward to new content release, but never thought to take it a step further until a friend of mine suggested it the other morning. Had one of those 'a-ha' moments and here we are.

Here's our collective spin on the lore. Earth-That-Was got used up and the people of that world settled in a large system that's been terraformed to meet their needs. The Core Worlds, where they started, are beautiful. Immaculate. Amazing. But I postulated that the attitude prevalent on Earth-That-Was, the one that led to Earth no longer being able to sustain its population, came with them. And so, while everyone in the Core was happy for a while, eventually, their hungry gaze turned toward the Outer Rim.

So, there was a war and the Outer Rim lost though it wasn't for lack of trying. The Xiao Jin is the story of the folk who were on the losing side of the war. We tell our stories about what it's like to try to survive in the aftermath. We focus on day-to-day life, interpersonal relationships, and of course, everything that needs doing when you have a ship to keep fueled and in good repair.

And that brings us to the Roadmap:

Poe Sells the Ship

- The owner and captain of the ship, Quinlan Barrett Poe, has decided to sell the ship to an old friend of his, Teague Harrington. While it's all legal and above board, it's also a fiction because Teague is willing to sell it back once things get settled. And what needs settling are two very bad people -- Addy Stone's father and her husband. Poe is going to go off on his on and hunt down information on these two in the hopes that he can rescue the woman he loves. If all goes well, Christmas will be a mighty interesting time in the 'verse. Just saying.

Teague arranges a cargo run and, on the second stop of the run, Kerry, Poe returns to the ship with news about Stone that will cause unforeseen ripples extending well beyond Addy and his personal issues with the man.

Now, if all this is of interest, you're welcome to join in our adventures because we are looking to hire. Don't let lack of knowledge put you off because we'll help get you up to speed and really, the entire series is only 14 episodes and one movie. You could do it in a weekend (and you should). The way to find us is all written out on the Main Page and I'm always willing to talk about possibilities.